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Joe Morolong Local Municipality is part of John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality. The Municipality comprises an area of 6,030,000 hectares and includes 190 villages. The Municipality faces far-reaching and in some instances, even desperate service delivery challenges. This became evident from an analysis of available statistical records of the area. In this regard, the results of Census 2001, read in conjunction with the results of the Community Survey conducted in 2007 would be utilized to analyze the environmental demands facing the Municipality, and the strategies that it has adapted to respond to these demands.

  • A total of 97.76% of the population of the area has been born in South Africa and 0,10% in other SADC countries.
  •  A total of 20,15% of the 22,277 households consists of only one person, 10,25% of three person, 11,14% of four, 10,41 of five and 9,23 of only two. However 29,83% consists of six and more persons.
  • A total of 95,57% of the population speaks Setswana as first language.


Map of Joe Morolong Local Municipality

Location in the Northern Cape

Coordinates: 27S 23E / 27S 23E /

-27; 23





Taolo Joseph Morolong

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