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Taolo Joseph Morolong was born at Ditshipeng Village on July the 1st of 1927. He was the son of the late Maswe Samson Morolong and Kgomotso Emma Morolong. He got married to Martha Mosegedi but due to the banning orders their marriage eventually came to an end.


Mr. Morolong received his primary education at Ditshipeng village. He then continued with his studies in Bothitong, Tiger Kloof and Kimberley respectively.


Comrade Morolong worked in several places including Johannesburg and Cape Town where he spent most of his time.


Comrade Morolong was actively involved in the ANC campaign in the area where he became a member of the South African Congress of Trade Unions.
In April 1952 he took part in the defiance campaign that was organized by ANC together with other comrades lie Ruth First (Joe Slovo's wife). He contributed tremendously to the compilation of the FREDOM CHARTER which was accepted in 26 June 1955.

In December 1955 Comrade Morolong and Comrade Ruth were arrested. They were taken to the Fort Johannesburg Main Prison. They were charged for high treason together with other 154 people. The punishment for high treason was death penalty.

The court case known as the Treason Trial lasted for four years. Comrade Morolong lived under difficult conditions where he had to go to Pretoria almost every day. He was detained in Solitary Confinement for several months during the 1960 state of emergency. In 1963 he was banished and restricted to his father's home at Ditshipeng village (An area in the Northern Cape's John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality, the then Kgalagadi Distrisct under Moshaweng Local Municipality).

Comrade Morolong was a Trade Union Organizer who spent almost one third of his life and half of his adult life in jail or under restrictions. His Family and the residents of Ditshipeng reserve, the remote area to which he had been banished reported that Comrade Morolong was murdered on 5 November 1977 and he was laid to rest on November the 12th 1977 at Ditshipeng Village.



Taolo Joseph Morolong

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